David Gallegos, MD
Dr. Gallegos is a pathologist in Salt Lake City, UT. He is affiliated with Salt Lake Regional Medical Center and Jordan Valley Medical Center.
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Experience analysis

To give you an overview of Dr. Gallegos’s practice experience, we show you the most common reasons for his patients’ visits in the past two years.

We determine patients’ reasons for visit using the medical billing codes that appear on the electronic health insurance claims from their interactions with Dr. Gallegos. Because there are tens of thousands of unique medical billing codes used to describe different types of health care interactions, Amino groups billing codes that describe similar health conditions or procedures into a single category that we display on our website with a user-friendly name (e.g. “diabetes”, “asthma”, “knee replacement”).

We count each distinct patient only once for any given reason for visit, but the same patient may be counted toward multiple reasons for visit if Dr. Gallegos treated that patient for multiple reasons.

Not all of Dr. Gallegos’s patients’ reasons for visit are reported here. We display only the most common reasons that patients visited Dr. Gallegos. We also choose not to report some reasons for visit, such as symptoms that aren’t associated with a specific medical diagnosis. For this reason, our experience analysis for Dr. Gallegos is not a comprehensive view of every type of patient he may have treated in the past two years.

Contact Info

Dr. Gallegos sees patients and can be reached at the following location.

Salt Lake Regional Medical Center
1050 E South Temple
Salt Lake City, UT 84102
(801) 263-0810
1,812 miles away
  • University of Utah School of Medicine
Hospital Affiliations

Dr. Gallegos is able to admit and treat patients at the following hospitals.

  • Salt Lake Regional Medical Center
    Hospital safety score (Fall 2016)
  • Jordan Valley Medical Center
    Hospital safety score (Fall 2016)

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