Barbara Keller, MD

Dr. Keller is an OB/GYN in the Salem area.
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Conditions treated

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Dr. Keller saw pregnancy patients in 2014–2017, but we couldn’t determine whether she was a top doctor for the condition in the Salem area. Learn more.

Related services provided

Cost estimates

These ranges are network rate estimates across all the insurance plans that Dr. Keller accepts.

Note: These are just estimates. We advise verifying the exact costs with your provider.

Colposcopy $240 – 673
Cystoscopy $194 – 1,062
DTaP vaccine $135 – 300
Hysterectomy (abdominal) $11.9k – 17.1k
Hysterectomy (vaginal) $8,843 – 12.2k
IUD (Mirena) $959 – 1,448
IUD (Paragard) $758 – 1,351

Amino’s cost estimates are estimates of the total amount that you and your health insurance company might pay for a procedure—this is what we call the “network rate”. Our cost estimates can help you prepare for the financial impact of medical care and help you make more confident decisions about where to get treated.

C-section rate

Dr. Keller’s C-section rate is similar to the rate we predicted for her mix of cases and patients.
C-section rate
Decision factor

Compared to predicted rates calculated for each doctor’s unique mix of cases and patients

  • Lower than our predicted rate
  • Higher than our predicted rate
  • Similar to our predicted rate

To help you understand how Dr. Keller’s C-section rate compares to a typical pregnancy doctor:

  1. We first measure the actual C-section rate for the pregnant patients Dr. Keller treats.
  2. We then analyze the typical practices of all other doctors in the United States who deliver babies, using a data-driven model to predict the C-section rate for patients like Dr. Keller’s.

By comparing these two numbers, you can see whether Dr. Keller’s C-section rate is lower than, similar to, or higher than predicted.

This prediction adjusts based on the types of patients the doctor sees, so a doctor who treats sicker patients may have a different predicted rate than a doctor who treats healthier patients.


Dr. Keller sees patients and can be reached at the following location.

406 Welch St
Silverton, OR 97381
2,324 miles away


  • Louisiana State University School of Medicine in New Orleans

Insurance accepted

Always check coverage with your doctor’s office.

  • Aetna
  • First Choice Health
  • Health Net
  • United Healthcare