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Ian (New York)

“When I went to get treatment for back pain, there was zero mention of cost from anybody, and I remember asking the doctor, nurse, and office manager ... The billing at the facility I went to was a labyrinth of transfers and the invoice was cryptic. The only way to figure out the bill is to call, wait on hold, etc. It’s like they want to make this difficult.”

Alison (Redwood City, CA)

“My son experienced a traumatic injury at 5 years old that almost cost him his sight ... At no point in the treatment of our son was cost brought up, nor was how my insurance may or may not cover things like the ambulance ride between hospitals ... The insurance industry has made medical costs so obfuscated that people can’t really understand what their options are in terms of payment.”

A.O. (Wilmington, DE)

“Every time I visit a doctor’s office for anything other than a routine check-up, I have no idea how much I will be billed. This is an extremely unsettling feeling especially since sometimes the bill can come over a year later.”
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