Senior Software Engineer (Data Platform)

A full-time position in San Francisco
We are looking for a Senior Engineer to design and implement a large-scale, robust, and responsive application to power sharing Amino's proprietary, multi-petabyte, healthcare data warehouse with external customers.

Job Description

Our data engineering team is currently designing a product that will give researchers and analysts access to the Amino’s proprietary dataset (petabytes of healthcare claims data). With access to our data, they will be able to further their own research to improve consumer healthcare. This platform will have adhoc querying and Machine learning capabilities that are integrated with multiple backends such as Spark, Snowflake etc.

You will play a major role in building this product. You should be comfortable and excited to design a complex platform from the ground up with limited directions. Limited directions also comes with unlimited possibilities.

As a member of the data engineering team, you will work on a wide variety of projects ranging from extending our data infrastructure, optimizing and productionizing machine learning models, to finding creative and secure ways share our data. The Amino dataset is our most valuable technical asset and you will have the opportunity to write software to expose this dataset to both internal and external parties.

As a senior member on the data engineer team, you will also regularly assess our technology stack to find the most optimal solutions to create and secure other product requests.

We’ve taken on an enormous responsibility when we set our goal to create a platform that would make this data more accessible to those who need it. To accomplish this goal, it is essential that you collaborate closely with Amino engineers a secure and scalable product.

We expect to see:

  • Proven experience designing, implementing, and scaling robust data infrastructure in production
  • Experience working with concurrent and distributed frameworks such as Akka
  • Built scalable RESTful applications in production
  • Experience with Functional Programming
  • Top-notch programming skills in languages such as Scala, or Java
  • Applied new / existing technologies to solve big data problems and to develop innovative big data solutions
  • Working knowledge of distributed systems / frameworks such as Apache Hadoop, Apache Spark and/or Apache Flink
  • Track record of completing tasks and projects with minimum supervision
  • Bachelor’s degree or higher in Engineering, Science, or equivalent
  • At least two years of consecutive work experience in a big data environment

Nice to have:

  • Extensive Scala experience

About Us:

Our goal is to make the healthcare experience better for patients and doctors—to increase transparency, lower costs, and improve outcomes. It’s a big challenge, and we hire people who aren’t afraid to take on audacious projects.

We’re proud of fostering a culture where clarity of thought and openness are paramount. Our downtown San Francisco office is designed for happiness, comfort, productivity and collaboration, with a great balance of open spaces and quiet rooms to accommodate your working style. We offer competitive compensation and benefits, and we’re still small enough to get in on the ground floor.

We believe in collaboration, respect, and curiosity. Everyone’s input is valued, be it about code, data models, business models, or product ideas.

Take a peek into our talent culture and recruiting process: A Letter to Amino Candidates