Senior Data Engineer

A full-time position in San Francisco

We are looking for a Senior Data Engineer with experience building large-scale, robust responsive data infrastructure to power Amino's doctor and cost search products, APIs and mobile applications.

This role is important because:

  • You are ingesting data from our partners and enable the rest of the company to build products to connect people to the best health care possible
  • You are building products that enables us to share our data with external partners

You will be responsible for:

  • Collaborating with other members of the data engineering team to design, implement, and scale our infrastructure to enable other engineering and data science teams and power Amino product lines
  • Building pipelines to power Amino’s doctor and cost search products, APIs and mobile applications
  • Consulting and facilitating product requests
  • Regularly assessing our technology stack to the most optimal solutions
  • Explore new technologies to learn new methods and approaches to problem` solving

You should connect with us if you have:

  • A Bachelor’s degree or higher in engineering, science, or equivalent
  • At least two years of consecutive work experience in a big data environment 
  • Proven experience designing, implementing, and scaling robust data infrastructure in production
  • Top-notch programming skills in any or all languages such as Scala, Java, or Python
  • A solid understanding of physical database design principles
  • Applied new / existing technologies to solve big data problems and to develop innovative big data solutions
  • Working knowledge of distributed systems / frameworks such as Apache Hadoop, Apache Spark and or Apache Flink
  • A track record of getting stuff done with minimum supervision
  • Experience with a Functional Programming language

On this job, you will learn and gain experience with:

  • Applying big data solutions to our enormous data sets -- think hundreds of terabytes of health care data
  • Handling extremely sensitive data with legal requirements for security and confidentiality
  • Working with different types of data partners with a broad set of requirements
  • Complex event processing and workflows
  • Effectively utilizing big data technologies such as Spark, Snowflake, Databricks, and Scala
  • Working with our data science team and scaling machine learning algorithms to power our products

About Us:

Our goal is to make the health care experience better for patients and doctors—to increase transparency, lower costs, and improve outcomes. It’s a big challenge, and we hire people who aren’t afraid to take on audacious projects.

We’re proud of fostering a culture where clarity of thought and openness are paramount. Our downtown San Francisco office is designed for happiness, comfort, productivity and collaboration, with a great balance of open spaces and quiet rooms to accommodate your working style. We offer competitive compensation and benefits, and we’re still small enough to get in on the ground floor.

We believe in collaboration, respect, and curiosity. Everyone’s input is valued, be it about code, data models, business models, or product ideas.

Take a peek into our talent culture and recruiting process: A Letter to Amino Candidates


How to apply

Send us an email and tell us about:

  • Who you are and what you’ve worked on
  • Some of your thoughts on health care, briefly
  • Why this is an exceptionally good fit
  • Anything else that’s on your mind

Looking forward to hearing from you. We’ll get back to you right away.

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