How to use the map:

  • Hover over different circles to see the zip code, the number of deliveries in our data between 2010-2015, and the C-section rate for that area.
  • The size of the circle represents the number of deliveries—the bigger the circle, the more babies delivered in that area.
  • The color of the circle represents the C-section rate—orange indicates a higher-than-average C-section rate, blue indicates a lower-than-average C-section rate.
  • In the upper right-hand corner, look for the “Choose a group” menu to switch from looking at data for all deliveries to just the data for women who had a previous C-section.

Map legend

For more about our C-section analysis, see the full report on our blog, or calculate your chance of having a C-section with the C-section predictor.

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