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Announcing user accounts on Amino

We’re all about customizing your search for a doctor. In April, we announced new ways to filter your search. Now we’re announcing user accounts, which allow you to securely save your information and preferences on Amino for faster appointment requests and booking.

Starting today, if you’d like to book an appointment with a doctor via Amino, you’ll first have to create a user account. (Note that you can still search for and compare doctors on Amino without creating an account.)

It’s quick and painless, we promise

Go to, enter in your email address and create a password. (Tips for creating a secure password here.) We’ll send you a confirmation email. Follow the link and you’ll be all set!

Create an account

Edit your profile to include your full name, date of birth, sex, address, insurance, and phone number—information that will help speed up the booking process. Amino stores your personal information in its secure user accounts database. In addition to strong encryption and restricted access, Amino performs continuous security testing and auditing to ensure the privacy of our users.

Edit your profile

That’s it!

What you get with an Amino account

Book via email. Before, we only let you book an appointment via text message—now you have the option to book via email if you prefer.

Book via email

Save time. Once you’re signed in, your information (age, sex, location, insurance) will auto-fill during your search for a doctor.

We'd love your feedback

User accounts helps you save your information on Amino for faster booking. We’ll be working to add features like appointment notifications, follow-up appointments, and insurance benefit details. In the meantime, we’re always looking for ways to improve, so if you have a question or suggestion for ways we can further customize your doctor search, please email